Canine Education, Enrichment and Bridging the gap between canine and human communication.

Elbe Academy is a team of proud pet enthusiasts, dedicated to providing quality care at a reasonable price. The Elbe team focuses on a few crucial aspects to pet care: canine education, client understanding and human/canine communication. Our goal is to help you better understand your dog, so they can better understand you.


“My puppy Apollo and I took Laurin’s six week puppy manners course. This course was extremely helpful to me! It taught my dog basic manners and it taught me how to carry over what we did in class to everyday life. Laurin was very patient and would teach me ways to modify things if needed for my very excited and hyper lab! I would highly recommend Laurin to anyone I know, she was structured and also made the classes fun.”   – Becca 2017



A big fan of yours

“I took Laurin’s 6 week puppy manners course and I could not be happier with my results. She taught us how to go about teaching basic commands with positive reinforcement as well as some useful commands like touch and place that I didn’t even realize I would need but they do come in handy. My dog is very timid and she worked with him at his own pace and gave me extra tips on how to make training work for him. I also took the advanced training course with Laurin. I really loved the field trips we took to stores like Lowe’s because it helped me use commands in real world situations. I hope to continue training with Laurin to build my dog’s confidence and obedience.” -Alex 2018

A big fan of yours