Playing With Our Food Vol. #1: The Kong Wobbler

When asked about my favorite dry food feeders, the Kong Wobbler is at the top of the list! This fantastic tool is a great way to help your pup enjoy life just a little bit more, with little to no prep work.  So, what do I love about this product? I’m so glad you asked!

  1. It’s mentally stimulating for the dog.
    Any time you are having to engage your dogs brain, you’re helping them grow. By giving your dog an opportunity to problem solve and be self-rewarded you are giving them a game they’ll want to play. And better yet– a game that will help them settle down and relax later! The wobbler works like this: you fill the container with treats (or in my suggestion, the whole meal of dry food!) and sit it upright for your dog. They then have to tip, roll and push the Wobbler around to get the kibble to fall out, piece by piece. Because the bottom of the toy is weighted, the top half “wobbles” back up, forcing your pup to continue to push it over to gain more kibble.
  2. It’s physically stimulating to the dog.
    They’ll push, they’ll kick, they’ll paw and they’ll pounce. It’s not a full run in the park, but it is physically engaging! Not to mention more involved than they would be standing over a food bowl.
  3. It’s durable.
    Although I have seen a dog or two have success scratching it up, I have yet to have a dog (or a client) have an issue with a power chewer destroy this product!
  4. It’s easy to clean.
    Unscrew, scrub, rinse. It’s as easy as it gets!
  5. It slows quick eaters.
    When your pup eats one kibble at a time, it’s impossible for them to inhale the whole meal in seconds. Slowing dog your dogs meal is a great way to stay clear of issues like bloating, vomiting and even hiccups!
  6. It intrigues and encourages pokey or picky eaters.
  7. It is alway fun, because it always means yummy food!
  8. It’s usable for dogs of all size, age and intelligence.

The Wobbler is produced by the KONG Company, and you can find them here HERE.  You can also find them in most commercial pet stores!

Stay tuned for more of our favorite interactive feeders, tools and games!

Happy Training and Stay Canine Educated!


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