Hi! I am Laurin, and I am the human behind Elbe. I started this journey quite some time ago when I discovered that my dog, Jewels, would do almost anything for a taste of hot dog. Aside from being my best pal, she then became my favorite student and I was a proud pet owner parading her around to every show-n-tell and soccer game my parents were patient enough to allow. 

Growing up in rural Indiana, a dog’s job was simple: stay out of the burn barrel and keep the feral cats out of the garage. And although it seemed that these wonderful animals were destined for a life of back porch sitting, I had to believe that we, as their humans, were simply missing out.

I could bore you with all the in-between from teaching weaves with tomato poles all the way to obtaining my Certification in Professional Dog Training, but I’m sure it sounds like a similar laundry list to those also in my position.  So, here’s the rundown:

I believe that dogs have the cognitive ability to think, observe and process information and then make decisions based off of that information.

I believe that dogs have their own social cultural complete with language, rules and regulations.

I believe that 90% of issues that people have with their pets could be resolved with a little patience and understanding.

And so, that’s where I come in. To, hopefully, shed a little light on what may be misinterpreted between you and your dog and how to clear up the confusion. Only then, will the true issues be resolved.

Looking for more typical “About Me” stuff? Look no further!

I currently reside in Pennsylvania with my husband, Jeff. Together, we have five very different pups and a cat who is never out of place. Our crew is made up of four misfits who were deemed “foster failures” once coming into our home. Although sometimes they are dysfunctional, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. To learn more about the Elbe Canines, keep reading!


Molly May Hatchet “Molly” CGC, TDA, SSAI | English Shepherd  CGC, TKA, SSTG, SSTA| Born 2012 | DicksonDog Status 2012

She’s sassy and too smart for her own good.

11400999_10153980491789097_7722547958434779471_nRosie Lucile CGC, TDA, TDA  “Rosie” | Border/Aussie/Something CGC, TKI, THD | Born 2010 | DicksonDog Status 2014

She’s soft, patient and the sweetest pup I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.


Andy Bane “Andy” | Long Haired Chihuahua | Born 2009 | DicksonDogs Status 2013

He’s happy, goofy and still figuring out that the world isn’t as scary as he once thought.


Perfect Peridot Gem CGC, TKA, SSAI, CL2 “Peridot” | Border Collie | Born 2017  | DicksonDog Status 2019

She’s tiny, driven and attached at my hip.


Lend Me Your Ear, “Lyndi” | English Shepherd | Born 2018 | DicksonDog 2020

She’s fierce, cuddly and doesn’t take crap from anyone.