Basic Manners

This course is designed for adult dogs with little to no training, or who were recently adopted into a new household. In this six week class we focus on how to properly communicate to your adult dog as we work towards learning (or unlearning) basic manners and cues.  In addition to nurturing the bond between you and your dog, you will learn or get a refresher on the core cues and also learn new skills like “leave it”, “wait”, “go to place” and hand targeting. This class will also cover topics like introducing a new dog, creating and consistency with new boundaries and how to tackle some of those less than favorable habits like jumping or pulling on lead. The following information is laid out in a week-by-week basis.

  • To “Come’ when called (recall)
  • To “Sit” on cue
  • To “Down” on cue
  • “Stand”
  • To “Stay” while in a “Sit” or a “Down”
  • “Wait” at doors or in the car
  • Hand targeting
  • “Place” on cue
  • “Off”
  • “Leave it”

In addition to these skills, we will also discuss the following topics in class:

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Dog Body Language
  • Hyperactivity / Frustration Behaviors
  • Lifestyle Training
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Existing Puppy Habits

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