Puppy Foundations and Socialization

This course is designed for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age. In this class, we focus on the critical period of your new puppies life and how having a positive association to everyday encounters can set you and your puppy up for success in the years to come. In this class you will learn how to create a safe environment for your puppy to explore, learn and adjust to the world. Your puppy will be exposed to other dogs, routine handling, new environments and new people. Help set realistic goals, expectations and boundaries in a way that is recognized and  understood. In addition to proper socialization, your puppy will also be introduced to basic cues like “come”, “sit”, and “down”. The following information is laid out in a week-by-week basis, but remember that with open enrollment they may not be in the exact order that you’ve started with the program. In addition to the class schedule, there is a list of take home suggestions to keep practicing at home.

Grooming/Vet Handling
Dog to Dog Interaction
Body Language
Crate Training / House Training
Mental Stimulation
How Dogs Learn
Puppy Behaviors (Vocalization, Jumping, Mouthing, Chewing, Leash Introduction)

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